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The Elgin-based company can handle all aspects of construction

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Elgin-based general contractor Sacon has versatile craftsmen trained to handle multiple elements of the construction process.  (Photo/included)

WWhen a company needs a new office, shop or restaurant, or needs to renovate an existing structure, it presents the project to General Contractors.

The bidders put together teams of subcontractors, each of whom made the lowest bid. The company then selects the lowest total bid among the contractors. The selected contractor will work with subs over which it has limited control and whose workmanship and availability it cannot guarantee. The general contractor may work with a different set of subcontractors for each job they perform.

Is that a way to ensure quality, on-time performance and durability?

Why not look for a GC that employs certified experts who are able to ensure long-term quality, control over their schedules and their quality of work? Someone who can respond quickly to changes, instead of waiting for a subcontractor to become available?

That is the approach of Sacon LLC, the commercial construction company from Elgin with a unique view on the construction industry.

Sacon’s staff are versatile craftsmen trained to handle multiple elements of the construction process, said Doug Hunt, owner and president of the company. Several are even licensed in different professions. For example, one is a licensed plumber who is also a certified structural steel welder and operator of work equipment on the construction site. Sacon also has a project manager who is a licensed plumber and a certified DHEC tester for backflow prevention.

All divisions are trained to work on multiple aspects of each project, so there is always someone on site to take on any challenge. Sacon is licensed for general construction, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, allowing it to do 90-100% of the work on any project itself. Sacon ensures that the work is done on time, within budget and to the highest specifications.

Hunt coordinated many subcontractors simultaneously in the early years of his career and worked for other builders. “I found myself begging for forgiveness from clients and not completing projects on time because we were at the mercy of the subcontractors,” he said. “The work was of lesser quality and we still had huge pick-up lists at the end. I didn’t want to repeat that business structure because it doesn’t serve the customers effectively or efficiently.”

He grew out of that experience and his tenure with a major commercial firm in Charleston, convinced that constant and continuing education, along with developing skills, was imperative for everyone working at Sacon. With a multi-skilled team of people who can easily switch from one aspect of the job to another, Sacon has greater control over project scheduling, work quality and can respond quickly to construction challenges and customer changes .

“Any challenges that arise during construction can be solved quickly because the same team works on every project,” Hunt says. “Our unique structure makes completing a project on time or in a potentially shorter time frame more achievable without having to rely on subcontractor scheduling.”

Sacon was profiled in the 2021 Columbia Regional Business Report Book of Experts.

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