Schneider Electric to launch smart circuit relay device in 2022

Schneider Electric will develop a remote control relay through a partnership with Savant Power to provide greater monitoring and control of a homeowner’s power loads directly to the homeowner. The new smart track innovation should be launched in Q1 2022.

When connected to the QO Plug-On Neutral switch, the connected relay device allows homeowners to see, monitor and control their home energy at an individual circuit level, all from within the Wiser Energy app. With more granular insights into home activity, homeowners everywhere can take action with a richer automation experience. The relays will optimize the capacity of the backup source, particularly to give homeowners flexibility in navigating faults.

“As home energy consumption continues to increase, controlling demand is more important than ever for potential home buyers, giving builders the opportunity to increase the value of their new construction by offering energy management technology,” said Richard Korthauer, Vice President , Home & Distribution, Schneider Electric. “Incorporating this technology into the construction phase provides another step in tax level control to differentiate new homes that minimize energy costs for homeowners in this dynamic energy market and provide a new level of energy resiliency and safety at the circuit breaker level. “

The new connected relays allow homeowners to monitor and control their circuit-level energy, including electric water heaters, furnaces, HVAC systems, or other circuits. For example, if a homeowner was concerned that he had left the oven on after leaving the house, it would allow for that appliance to be monitored and then turned off remotely on the circuit, creating a potentially dangerous situation. appearance.

These relays will also help optimize non-utility energy sources – including solar, energy storage and generators – in the event of a failure. By creating a virtually configurable critical load panel for each backup power source, available power can be maximized by sending it to only a few priority circuits until utility power is restored. Automated through the Wiser Energy app, these configurations provide truly smart energy management for today’s homeowner.

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