Schönox debuts new subfloor products

sub-floor productsFlorence, Ala.—Schönox HPS North America debuted two subfloor products in response to needs expressed by the professional installer community in the field with Schönox sales and technical staff, the company said.

The all-new Schönox FP, one-part filling and priming compound, allows flooring professionals to prime and fill substrates in one step. The second product introduction provides a versatile, 10-pound bag version of Schönox HS Sturdy, the company’s repair and smoothing compound with its patented hybrid active-dry technology.

Schönox FP, filling and priming compound, combines tasks, dries fast and works with a wide variety of substrates. Schönox FP integrates seamlessly with Schönox repair, patching, smoothing and self-leveling compounds, providing contractors with a new technology, matching their fast-paced schedules, according to the company.

The company also said installers have readily embraced HS Sturdy since its introduction in 2020, but have asked for a 10-pound bag similar to the industry-leading Schönox SL, cement-based smoothing and finishing compound. The new 10-pound HS Sturdy packages provide the perfect amount of material for smaller spaces and job sites. Schönox HS Sturdy incorporates patented hybrid active-dry technology, allowing the compound to dry regardless of job site temperature and humidity conditions in depths from featheredge to 2 inches.

These two subfloor products, Schönox FP and the new HS Sturdy package, are two of the latest Hands ÖN product solutions resulting from work in the field informing advanced product development within Schönox.

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