Shaw Contract highlights sustainability initiatives

Shaw contractCartersville, Ga.—Shaw Contract is taking the initiative to shift toward sustainable production and consumption models within its production cycles. The company said it believes in an approach to business that embraces a circular system where waste becomes a valuable resource.

Shaw’s goal is to practice a regenerative, closed-loop approach to sustainability. This process is done holistically as the company looks at products, processes and actions. Shaw has grown and reinforced an innovative initiative that supports systemic circularity by investing in research and development and working with industry partnerships.

Sustainability and circularity efforts

EcoWorx: EcoWorx Tile is Shaw’s premium PVC-free carpet tile backing that weighs 25% less and has superior tensile strength compared to a traditional PVC backing. This results in significant carbon reductions during transportation and ensures industry-leading durability. At the end of its useful life, Shaw Contract will reclaim and recycle EcoWorx backed carpet to make more EcoWorx carpet products at no cost through Shaw’s re[TURN] program.

Re(TURN) reclamation program: EcoWorx carpet backing can be reclaimed and recycled back into more EcoWorx backing through Shaw’s re(TURN) reclamation program. Since 2006 Shaw has reclaimed and recycled nearly 1 billion pounds of carpet backing.

]EcoLogix: EcoLogix carpet tile backing is Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze. A sustainable alternative to urethane and PVC cushion backing, EcoLogix is ​​made with 100% post-consumer recycled content and each square yard contains approximately 56 recycled plastic bottles. In addition, it resists compression, providing better long-term comfort and support and enhancing ergonomic benefits.

Bottle Floor: BottleFloor is an innovative hybrid flooring product with a felted appearance that blends the best attributes of a hard and soft surface. It addresses issues like slip resistance, acoustic absorption and comfort underfoot while also having the durability to withstand heavy traffic and rolling loads like a traditional hard surface product. In addition, it is PVC-free, contains no plasticizers and no chlorine and, most importantly, is 100% recyclable back into itself. Every square yard of BottleFloor contains, on average, 61 recycled plastic bottles.

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