Silicon Ranch constructing 4-project solar portfolio in Tennessee

A collaboration between Silicon Ranch, the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Marysville Electric Department will result in a four-project solar portfolio in Maryville, Tennessee. DENSO, a vehicle component manufacturer, will receive a portion of the energy generated by the plants, starting with one located on its Maryville campus.

The manufacturer aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035 and participates in the US Department of Energy’s Better Plants for all program.

“DENSO is developing mobility technologies to support a better planet, while also making sustainability gains across our global footprint,” said Denise Carlson, VP of DENSO’s North America Production Innovation Center and sustainability lead in the region. “This partnership marks an important milestone along this journey and furthers us on our path to a safer, greener future.”

During its monthly meeting on July 5, the Maryville City Council approved three contracts between the Maryville Electric Department and independent power producer Silicon Ranch for a total of 10.5 MWAC. The arrays will operate under TVA’s Generation Flexibility program, a portion of which will serve DENSO’s local operations.

“TVA’s Generation Flexibility program offered us the right vehicle to serve the needs of Maryville’s largest employer while attracting significant capital investment to our community,” said Baron Swafford, director of Maryville Public Utilities. “This cooperative effort is reflective of the goals of city leadership to support and assist our customers in successfully achieving their objectives.”

DENSO will also participate in TVA’s Green Invest program through a fourth Silicon Ranch facility, which assists companies in meeting their sustainability goals.

Silicon Ranch will fund, construct, own, operate and maintain each of the four solar power plants for the long term.

“Silicon Ranch takes great pride in our role as a trusted local partner to help TVA and local power companies like City of Maryville Electric deliver value to the customers and communities they serve,” said Luke Wilkinson, senior VP of project development at Silicon Ranch, and a Maryville native whose family has been in the community for seven generations.

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