SMA replaces Sunny Portal with new SMA Energy App

SMA America has the new SMA Energy App to give homeowners a simple interface to view their home energy generation and usage. This tool complements the SMA Energy System Home, which provides residential customers with unparalleled PV and energy storage solutions.

Within the app, homeowners can access data for their home, including solar panel generation, grid electricity consumption, and battery charge status for systems equipped with storage. It is also a useful resource for residential solar installers who want to help homeowners better understand how to manage their own energy system at home.

This easy-to-use tool displays daily data, as well as historical and forecast information to help homeowners strategically manage home energy and reduce their dependence on grid electricity. An additional feature displays a home’s carbon footprint, helping homeowners commit to a sustainable lifestyle.

“We are proud to introduce the SMA Energy app and are confident in the benefit it provides to both homeowners and installers,” said Charles Ellis, VP of Sales for SMA America. “The easy-to-use experience gives installers an uncluttered presentation tool to present to homeowners, accelerating customer acquisition and increasing the likelihood of referrals.”

The app also works seamlessly with other SMA services to provide an unparalleled customer experience. In combination with SMA Smart Connected, installers can offer their customers unparalleled peace of mind through system visibility and security.

Users of the Sunny Portal mobile app are currently being migrated to the new SMA Energy App. Industry professionals can also look forward to a new app with the upcoming SMA 360° app for installers, which is expected to hit the app stores in 2022. The SMA 360° app will provide the professional with more depth. These app changes are part of SMA’s ongoing commitment to streamline the installation, commissioning and service of the SMA Energy System Home.

News item from SMA America

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