Socomec storage modeling now available in Energy Toolbase

Energy Toolbase and Socomec are now integrated so that solar and energy storage developers can seamlessly model, control and monitor energy storage projects. Socomec’s energy storage solutions have been added to Energy Toolbase’s ETB Developer sales and modeling platform, which allows users to perform energy storage simulations and savings analysis representative of the operation of Socomec’s Energy Storage Systems (ESS), controlled by the Acumen EMS. controller from Energy Toolbase in the field.

Socomec has integrated all-in-one energy storage solution with lithium-ion iron phosphate battery technology, combined with a bi-directional power conversion system (PCS), packaged in a modular system design for easy transportation, installation and maintenance. The product range has 2hr and 4hr configurations and can be stacked to meet different power and capacity needs.

“Energy Toolbase’s relationship and integration with Socomec has been a work in progress for nearly two years as we are ready to roll out our integrated ESS solution,” said Kevin Mulvey, technology and product operations manager. “Our experience working with the Socomec team has given us full confidence that these energy storage systems will be some of the most trusted and reliable products on the market.”

News item from Energy Toolbase

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