Solar Alliance completes half-megawatt array for Kentucky utility companies

Solar Alliance Energy announced it has completed construction of a 500-kW solar project in Kentucky for Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E) and Kentucky Utilities Company (KU).

“Solar Alliance is proud to be part of the accelerating decarbonization of the power grid throughout the Southeast and beyond, and we’ll continue to do our part to support clean energy economic development in communities,” said CEO Myke Clark. “Our contracted pipeline of large solar projects continues to grow, and this is the latest example of the type of project we are consistently delivering for our customers.”

The project, the fifth section of LG&E and KU’s Solar Share facility, is now operational and part of a subscription-based program available to residential, business and industrial customers who want to support local solar energy.

“Our portfolio of sustainable tools and programs, like Solar Share, makes it possible for customers to support local and regional renewable energy on their own terms by personalizing their participation levels to match their interests,” said LG&E and KU President John Crockett. “Together with our customers, we’re empowering a cleaner, sustainable energy future for Kentucky.”

This project represents a total of 1.5 MW of photovoltaic infrastructure engineered and installed by Solar Alliance for the utilities. The contract for this project includes an option for LG&E and KU to select Solar Alliance to build an additional 500-kW system at the same location.

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