Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. Implements Corporate Synergy Program, Expects to Reach Profitability in 2021

EL CAJON, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 8, 2021 /Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC PINK:SIRC), an integrated, single-source solar and roofing installation company, today announced it has launched a strategic business streamlining program to reduce costs and realize cost synergies across the family of companies. its record sales growth, is expected to turn profitable as early as the quarter ended August 31, 2021.

The program’s focus on reducing labor costs and double overheads will enable a more competitive, streamlined business model – better positioned to drive profitability from its current business base. The leaner organizational structure is also expected to improve communication flow and cross-functional collaboration, leveraging more efficient business processes. The company aims to achieve annual cost savings of more than $1 million to be achieved by December 31, 2021.

“Following our most recent acquisition, we have focused on organic growth and accelerating the path to profitability,” said David Massey, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. “The main goal of our business synergy program is to implement these measures. These measures will help simplify operations, improve execution and enable a more competitive cost structure.

“The program is accelerating our path to profitability, complemented by our robust revenue growth in recent months. With our continued sales momentum, record sales in July and the busy fall season ahead, we now expect positive and profitable cash flow in the coming quarter. ending on August 31NS. Combined with our recently announced share repurchase program, I believe we are better positioned to create sustainable value for our shareholders than at any other time in our history as a publicly traded company,” concludes Massey.

About Solar Integrated Roofing Corp.

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC PINK:SIRC), is an integrated, single-source solar and roofing installation platform specializing in commercial and residential real estate in the United States. The company serves communities by delivering the best experience through constant innovation and legacy-focused leadership. The company’s wide range of solutions spans the sale and installation of solar energy systems, backup batteries and charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) to roofing, HVAC and related electrical installation work. For more information, visit the company’s website at:

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