Standard Solar completes 2-MW community solar project in Maryland named after native butterfly species

Standard solar energy, OneEnergy Renewables and CleanChoice Energy celebrated the completion of glassy wing, a 2 MW community solar project in Dorchester County, Maryland. glassy wingNamed for a species of butterfly native to Maryland’s east coast, it includes landscaping designed to provide food and habitat for local pollinators.

“We at Standard Solar are passionate about bringing the power and savings of solar energy to communities across the US, transforming the way Americans access energy,” said Eric Partyka, director of Business Development-National Accounts, Standard solar. “The Glassywing project demonstrates how solar energy can fit into the character of the local community and have a long-term impact on a community by providing clean energy, jobs, tax revenue and habitat for pollinators.”

Standard Solar funded and will own and maintain the project. OneEnergy Renewables has initiated, developed and authorized the Glassywing Solar project through its regional office in Washington DC. CleanChoice Energy, a cleantech company that gives people and businesses access to climate solutions, is still accepting subscriptions from anyone who receives a Delmarva utility bill.

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