Stanton launches L.I.O.N. yarn system

The Stanton Carpet executive team poses in front of a Rosecore display at their Woodbury, NY, headquarters.

Rosecore is the leading luxurious soft surface brand in Stanton Carpet’s impressive repertoire, representing the best of the best in soft surface. But even the best can get better.

To that end, the mill is launching a new yarn system called LION (Luxury Indoor Outdoor Yarn) exclusively through Rosecore. San Martino and San Pietro are the first Rosecore products with LION, which is also available in a stock rug program. Stanton has plans to introduce other LION-based Rosecore products in 2022 as it responds to the growing demand for luxury performance carpet in the marketplace.

King of the jungle

According to Stanton executives, performance and elegance take on a new meaning with LION Offering extreme softness and high-performance attributes, LION combines solution dying with UV stabilization to render it versatile for indoor/outdoor use while being soft to the touch with a silk- like appearance.

Stanton began development of this proprietary yarn system nearly three years ago, working with a factory in India. “We set out to answer the demand in a strong and meaningful way and wanted to utilize nylon to bring the highest level of practical luxury without compromising style,” said Jonathan Cohen, CEO. “High-level products with low maintenance are what we are strving for.”

Stanton’s Rosecore Nexus squared is 100% hand-loomed nylon featuring a distinctive cut and loop design.

Crafted from the finest-quality materials, and utilizing the most innovative technology, these products exude elegance and refinement, according to Christine Zampaglione, senior director of marketing for Stanton. “The durability, fade resistance and easy cleanability make LION the ideal solution for individuals who live active lifestyles and families with children and pets,” she said, adding that homeowners can put this product anywhere in the home and won’t have to worry about pet or child accidents or red wine spills.

LION products are bleach cleanable, as well as fade and stain resistant with high shine and luxury, ideally suited for the high style and design of the Rosecore brand.

The two Rosecore products leveraging the LION yarn system are just entering the retail market, but positive feedback is already being felt. “The real benefit of LION is being able to offer a nylon product with the feel and look so close to Tencel,” said Joel Schreier, president of Home Carpet One, Chicago. “In my view, it’s close enough to Tencel without any of the downside to justify the price, which isn’t cheap. So far, customers have been impressed and we have sold it well right out of the gate.”

Clara Coronado, manager of Miami-based Carpet Boutique, said she is a big supporter of the LION yarn system and also sees huge advantages with it over other textile fibers such as viscose and Tencel.

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