Stanton to host ‘Reaching Higher Ground 2022’ webinar

Syosset, NY—As a follow-up to the overwhelming positive response from its 2021 virtual product launch, Stanton is preparing to host another online event on April 14. The one-hour webinar, dubbed “Reaching Higher Ground 2022,” will showcase its 2022 introductions in video format to its customer base.

According to Stanton, the conference title serves as a play on the flooring industry as well as the virtual platform and nature of the entire initiative. “Our goal for ‘Reaching Higher Ground 2022’ was exactly that—to reach higher ground and continually innovate and push boundaries not only from a product perspective, but in every aspect of how we service our customers,” said Jonathan Cohen, CEO of Stanton .

The event will feature a combination of engaging, pre-recorded product content and a mix of live interaction. To accommodate for different time zones and schedules, Stanton will offer attendees two options to join in. The first session at 11 a.m. EST; the second kicks off at 2 pm EST. Electronic invitations have been emailed to all customers of the Stanton family of brands.

With the incredible adoption rate of video conferences, webinars, Zoom meetings and Microsoft Team meetings over the last couple of years, “Stanton has embraced this form of interaction with our customers and is maximizing the opportunity to showcase our products in a multitude of ways, said Christine Zampaglione, senior director of marketing at Stanton. “We have elevated the quality of our video presentation to be able to accurately convey texture, color, pattern and style. The presentation is a great way to excite and inspire our customers about all our new products coming throughout the year.”

Stanton has elevated the quality of its video presentation to be able to accurately convey texture, color, pattern and style for those attending its virtual new product showcase.

Stanton has taken an aggressive approach to present its new products across a variety of channels, exhibiting at regionals shows and Surfaces 2022, while simultaneously ramping up digital initiatives and developing an extremely informative, well-organized and visually impressive presentation segmented across its family of brands into a concise, one-hour event for its customers.

“We recognize the value of our customers’ time, and our marketing team has produced an informative, product-centric presentation that we know our customers will appreciate,” Cohen said. “While this event will serve as a great additional format, we look forward to showing 2022 products to our customers in person, as nothing can replace seeing and feeling all of our beautiful products.”

Those interested in attending the webinar may register using the hyperlinks below:
Session A: Thursday, April 14, at 11 am EST
Click here to register

Session B: Thursday, April 14, at 2 pm EST
Click here to register

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