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The success of any solar photovoltaic (PV) plant comes down to reliable, efficient and long-term performance. With Stäubli Renewable Energy as your partner, you benefit from our high precision solutions and decades of experience harnessing solar energy.

Stäubli connectors offer an impressive track record, connecting over 540 GW globally – more than half the world’s cumulative PV capacity. Our Original MC4 connectors and tailor-made solutions for electrical balance of systems (eBOS) applications enable PV profitability for sustainable success.

There’s only one Original MC4 PV connector

The Original MC4 is the world’s leading PV connector designed and engineered by our in-house experts more than 20 years ago. As the most installed PV connector worldwide, the MC4 continues to set new industry benchmarks thanks to our drive for excellence and innovation.

Stäubli connectors are crafted with Swiss precision, offering optimal efficiency and long-term performance for small to large-scale PV systems. When selecting connectors, trust the original to rest assured that your operations will be safe and perform sustainably for decades to come.

The Original MC4

  • Invented by Stäubli engineers in Switzerland
  • Manufactured in compliance with European Conformity
  • MC4 is a protected trademark of Stäubli
  • Your one-stop partner for PV connections

The Stäubli Renewable Energy eBoS application components and products stand for reliability, safety, and the highest Swiss quality – products that you gladly pass on to your own customers. And by offering the high-quality Original MC4 PV connector to your customers you further gain a new business partner. The lasting alliances between us and our business partners are a testament to mutual understanding and trust.

The reliability of our product solutions is the technical basis to make your installations safe for long-term operation. We also recommend our services and support offerings to guarantee accurate handling and implementation of our products for your individual needs – to make your customers’ lives easier and your installation successful.

Minimize risk. Maximize return.

By selecting the premium-quality MC4 PV connector of Stäubli for your PV projects, you are creating a solid foundation for success while minimizing risks and simultaneously ensuring efficiency and profitability. Constantly low contact resistance of the PV connectors is key for efficient operation and safe energy feed-in. Increasing contact resistance, eg due to deficient material characteristics, can weaken the efficiency of the entire PV system.

Advanced contact technology

The core of the Stäubli PV connectors is the innovative MULTILAM contact technology. This unique contact principle stands out due to multiple contact points that improve connection quality and energy transfer thanks to its constant spring pressure and the unique design. This results in constantly low contact resistance, ensuring safe and long-life operation and reduces downtime and service cost significantly.

This differentiating contact technology minimizes the risks of a power loss, of hotspots, or even a fire that could lead to enormous reconstruction costs. The original Stäubli PV connectors of the MC4 connector portfolio are very stable in terms of temperature and show no heat accumulation.

It pays off to trust the original

Today, more than half the world’s cumulative PV capacity is connected with our components. The Original MC4 by Stäubli offers unrivaled quality, durability and reliability for all types of PV installations.

Stäubli has continually set the benchmark for PV connectors in the solar industry. In 1996 beginning with the launch of the original MC3 and then the MC4 PV connector in 2002. Globally, over 2 billion Stäubli connectors have been installed in solar power plants – and our growth continues thanks to our partners who recognize that quality pays off both short term and in the long run.

Utilizing our innovative and patented MULTILAM contact technology, the core of Stäubli PV connectors comes with multiple contact points to improve connection quality and energy transfer. Thanks to MC4’s unique design and constant spring pressure, the connectors offer low contact resistance to ensure safe and long-life operation. What’s more, the connectors are very stable in terms of temperature and demonstrate no heat accumulation, which can significantly reduce downtimes and service costs.

Sustainable value with every connection

Our solutions-driven services help to reduce the complexity of your photovoltaic power project. As a collaborative partner, we work with you and the solar PV value chain to enable longstanding success for your solar power plant.

The fast-paced dynamics of the solar industry have introduced intense competition that makes having an experienced partner by your side an undeniable advantage. We understand the key elements necessary for your PV project to succeed today and thrive for years to come. Beyond our comprehensive portfolio of high-quality eBOS components, we can also add value to your business with our expert service.

Our global team of highly skilled technicians can help train your staff and support operations to ensure everything runs safely and smoothly. We care about the details and your plant’s performance – our service experts are committed to quality and will find the best solution to mitigate risk and secure higher yields from your PV systems.

Stäubli Electrical Connectors develops advanced connection solutions based on the reliable MULTILAM technology and provides connections for life in industries such as industrial automation applications. In the industry of Renewable Energy Stäubli is a pioneer and global market leader in photovoltaics with its MC4 connector portfolio that has set the industry benchmark. Active in this market for more than 25 years, Stäubli Renewable Energy creates the basis for sustainable change.

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