StrikeHold anti-corrosion spray suggested for use on solar electrical components

The anti-corrosion protectant, cleaner, and lubricant StrikeHold has been suggested for use on equipment at solar projects as a corrosion protectant.

The spray was originally developed to preserve and maintain US military weapons and heavy equipment for use in some of the harshest working conditions in the world. Today Strikehold is used to protect circuit boards, electrical circuits and metal components in corrosive environments while improving electrical continuity and contacts.

The use of StrikeHold has the potential to largely eliminate the effects of moisture, corrosion, and electrolysis in such equipment, says the company. The micro barrier that it forms on components is so complete that an electrical charge cannot be passed from the metal into water. It also improves electrical performance by cleaning and protecting contacts and internal parts, including circuitry and connections. The anti-corrosive protectant sprays on clear or applies wet and dries in place.

The protectant is designed to waterproof components and can even be used on equipment that is already wet in the field. Because it has a specific gravity greater than water, when applied to a wet surface it penetrates to the hard exterior, pushes water from the surface, and coats the area.

Since the cleaner has anti-static properties, dust, dirt, and grime do not adhere to it in the natural environment. Dust blown onto a treated surface blows off cleanly with wind or rain, leaving the coating intact.

StrikeHold is mostly suggested for inverter components and other solar array products in need of corrosion protection.

StrikeHold is available at MSC Industrial Supply and Fastenal.

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