SUNation completes Long Island’s largest commercial rooftop solar installation

SUNation solar systems 4,428 solar panels installed at Helios Solar, a division of Karp Associates, in Long Island, New York, making it the largest commercial rooftop installation on the island.

Credit: SUNation Solar Systems

SUNation completed the installation of the Helios solar system in August after delays due to the pandemic. The system will generate 2.2 million kWh of electricity every year and 100% of that will go to the grid. The solar panel is made up of LG 405 W and LG 400 W panels, TerraGen sun racks and Solectria inverters.

The community solar facility will provide homeowners, businesses and tenants with clean and renewable energy at below-market prices and generate enough electricity to power the homes of approximately 275 residential customers.

Karp produces entrance doors and bathroom walls. To reduce the environmental impact of its products, Karp Associates has taken green initiatives to integrate the latest technologies and streamline its manufacturing processes. This solar installation is part of its ongoing commitment to tackle climate change and participate in the global shift to a low-carbon economy.

SUNation ranked 146 on Solar Power World’s 2021 Top Solar Contractors list. Since 2003, SUNation has installed more than 7,000 solar and storage systems in Long Island and NYC, totaling more than 90 MW.

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