Sungage offers new 0% residential solar financing product

Solar Loan Company Sungage Financial has released a new 0% solar product for homeowners. Sungage offers loans up to $150,000 at 0% rates for terms ranging from five to 25 years, including tax credits and certain local incentives.

“This new 0% rate helps us achieve our mission to help as many homeowners as possible realize the benefits of solar by providing the most affordable path to a sustainable energy future,” said Michael Gilroy, Sungage Financial CEO. “With these low monthly payments, financing can deliver solid economic benefits, including a solar loan payment that is usually less than the electricity bill it replaces, plus the significant long-term savings.”

Available in 46 states and the District of Columbia, Sungage Financial provides financing for residential solar, battery, and roofing work through a network of experienced, qualified installer partners.

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