Sunnova launches mutually beneficial relationship with Brinks Home security dealers

Sunnova Energy and Brinks Home have entered into an exclusive partnership that will allow Sunnova to offer its customers options from the Brinks Home portfolio of smart home security solutions, and enable Brinks Home dealers and authorized representatives to offer their customers Sunnova’s suite of solar, battery and energy services.

“Brinks Home is committed to providing the best-in-class customer experience with smart home products and security services to our nearly one million customers,” said William Niles, CEO of Brinks Home. “The partnership with Sunnova will align with that mission by extending our value proposition to smart home energy management with a partner that shares the same commitment to customer satisfaction. We look forward to working with Sunnova to deliver a smarter, safer and greener home to our shared customer base.”

“The house is a place of refuge, which means ensuring the safety of your family is a top priority. Increasingly, this also means providing your family with reliable and resilient energy services. Sunnova and Brinks Home have teamed up to provide our customers and their families with a better energy service with the best security service. By connecting Brinks Home customers with clean and affordable solar energy and Sunnova customers with first-class security, we are confident that customers will find the unique solutions their homes need,” said William J. (John) Berger, Founder and CEO of Sunnova. “Brinks Home solutions complement those of Sunnova and by leveraging our collective strengths, we will power and protect the home of the future.”

As the demand for smarter, more energy-efficient homes continues to grow, so does the home security market. Home security companies are incorporating new technologies into their offerings to automate the home and adapt it to consumer wants and needs. Sunnova will also provide financing to Brinks Home customers for security equipment and installation. Providing financing for home security services will complement Sunnova’s current offerings as the company continues to develop the Sunnova Adaptive Home, which integrates solar power, battery storage, power management and other hardware and software technologies for complete home electrification.

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