SunPower solar + storage customers can now take advantage of OhmConnect’s incentive program

Residential energy management company OhmConnect has announced a new collaboration with SunPower to create grid-connected homes that leverage solar, storage and smart thermostats to strengthen and modernize the electric grid.

Customers leveraging SunPower’s solutions will be able to access OhmConnect’s gamified user experience and get rewarded to manage their electricity use during peak usage periods. These collaborations expand OhmConnect’s energy platform to a network of millions of grid-responsive devices.

With SunPower, OhmConnect is greatly expanding the ecosystem of homes that can leverage the energy they generate to help stabilize the increasingly vulnerable grid. Through the collaboration, SunPower’s tens of thousands of solar and SunVault storage customers will have the option to participate with the OhmConnect platform. Participants receive incentives to automatically dispatch energy reserves to the grid during peak demand times. Together, the companies are creating a scalable way to impact grid reliability, while enabling homeowners to save even more money on their systems and energy bills.

“By integrating SunPower’s solar solutions with OhmConnect, homeowners can supercharge their home’s energy earning potential while creating a more resilient grid,” said Shawn Fitzgerald, VP of corporate development at SunPower. “SunPower and OhmConnect share the beliefs that accessing renewable energy and participating in solutions that make energy more reliable should be accessible and easy. Our investment in OhmConnect and the work we are doing together directly reflects our mission to change the way our world is powered.”

SunPower has also invested in OhmConnect through the company’s latest funding round, demonstrating a commitment to a clean energy future.

Right now, California, New York and Texas residents can sign up for OhmConnect

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