Tarkett expands LinoFloor xf2 collection

LinoFloor xf2Solon, Ohio—Tarkett is expanding its LinoFloor xf2 and LinoWall xf2 collections with new patterns and expanded color palettes.

Made of natural raw materials and enriched by entirely more than a century of heritage, Tarkett said its LinoFloor xf2 is a modern solution to the challenges of contemporary interior design. The collection is now available in five patterns and 106 colorways, including the Originale series’ expanded offering of 16 colors made from all-natural dyes, according to the company.

Ideal for healthcare, education and hospitality spaces, LinoWall xf2 protects walls from daily wear and tear and helps soften acoustics for overall comfort, according to the company. The material offers natural antibacterial properties and is available in an expanded palette of 10 colors.

Sustainable solutions

Tarkett’s linoleum is Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver and meets Health Care without Harm Silver Level certification requirements.

The collection has been made with the same natural, renewable materials in Tarkett’s Narni, Italy facility since 1898: Linseed oil, pine rosin, wood and cork flour and jute. LinoFloor and LinoWall are both carbon negative from ‘cradle to gate’, including raw material extraction, transport and linoleum production, resulting in the category’s smallest environmental footprint throughout its lifecycle, according to the company.

The Narni facility operates with:

  • 100% renewable electricity
  • 100% closed loop water system
  • 34% self-generated energy
  • 0% production waste to landfill
  • 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since 2010

Simplified daily maintenance

In addition to its use of healthy materials, LinoFloor and LinoWall include Tarkett’s proprietary xf2 protection with a matte finish, which delivers superior resistance to stains, abrasions and chemicals, as well as durability under heavy traffic and rolling loads, the company said. Further simplifying daily maintenance, Tarkett’s Lino surfaces never have to be refinished, according to the company.

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