The Dixie Group rebrands decorative segment product lines

Dalton—TM Nuckols, president of TDG Residential, has announced the rebranding of the company’s decorative segment product lines. Masland Wool will now be known as 1866 by Masland; Fabrica Wool is renamed Décor by Fabrica. Both brands will have different product ranges with their own merchandising for the dealer network.

“With the additional product content being added to our decorative range, we felt it was time to create new brands to reinforce our commitment to this category,” said Len Andolino, vice president, decorative division, who leads marketing, merchandising. and product development will lead. development efforts for each of the new brands.

For TDG, the two brands have a strong legacy and identity. For example, 1866 by Masland refers to the year CH Masland & Sons was founded (155 years ago). “This nod to our long heritage will set the stage for our company to be seen as the ‘Founders of Fashion’ in the flooring industry,” explains Andolino. In the same vein, Décor by Fabrica wants to emphasize the essence of product excellence with a focus on high fashion for the decorative market. “Both Masland and Fabrica are highly respected brands known as fashion leaders in our industry, so it was important to integrate both names into these two new brands,” added Andolino.

Expansion portfolio

TDG entered the high end decorative business segment in 2007 with a handful of imports in both broadloom and area rugs, plus some internally tufted wool styles. In July 2013, TDG bought Robertex, a wool manufacturer from Calhoun, Ga. to grow the company further.

“We have a great base of products so far; Being the largest US manufacturer of tufted wool will set us apart from our competition as we will be importing heavily from all over the world,” said Andolino. “We will no longer only offer wool, although wool will remain our main fiber. We will now add new constructions and fibers to our range through our growing global supply chain partners.”

Surfaces 2022 will be the official starting point for both the 1866 by Masland and Décor by Fabrica brands. In the meantime, Masland and Fabrica’s territory managers will soon begin showing the latest styles and merchandising options for retailers.

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