The NAACP publishes set of Equitable Solar Policy Principles for advocates, lawmakers

Today, the NAACP’s Solar Equity Initiative has a series of: Fair Principles of Solar Policy to ensure internal alignment and develop a shared understanding of equitable solar policies. These principles can help advocates and policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels devise policy solutions that are holistic in nature and ensure benefits flow to Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and other frontline communities.

“Low income and communities of color have suffered disproportionate damage from the fossil fuel economy. The new clean energy economy is an opportunity to address past injustices, but only with deliberate policy decisions such as those set forth in the Equitable Solar Policy Principles,” said Denise Abdul-Rahman National Field Organizer NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program. “We envision a solar-powered future that invests in resource-poor communities, creates local, sustainable prosperity, and contributes to community resilience and a healthier future for all.”

The Equitable Solar Policy Principles is a living document that the Solar Equity Initiative will regularly review to best reflect its collective obligations. In developing the Principles, the coalition focused on transparency, ownership and accountability. The purpose of the Principles is to address past, present and future impacts of pollution on frontline and BIPOC communities, while helping communities towards a more resilient and equitable future that takes into account all their needs.

“Our goal in releasing the Equitable Solar Policy Principles is to create a baseline that policymakers and advocates can use together in developing and advancing solar policies,” said Melanie Santiago-Mosier, Chair of the Solar Equity Initiative Policy Committee and Managing Director, Access & Equity at Vote Solar. “Solar is a powerful clean energy solution that, if implemented correctly, can address the inequalities of our current dirty energy system. Our goal is that by following these principles we can guarantee success.”

The NAACP launched the Solar Equity Initiative in 2018 to increase solar installations in communities of color and connect these communities with skills training for solar jobs, all supported by reinforced solar policies. The initiative focuses on the civil, economic and environmental justice rights that connect communities of color and low-income communities across the country.

Members of the Solar Equity Initiative who subscribe to these principles:

  • Study Institute for Environment and Energy
  • Institute for local self-reliance
  • Midwest Renewable Energy Associationwest
  • PosiGen solar
  • RE-volv
  • Solstice
  • Solstice Initiative
  • Association of Solar Energy Industries (SEIA)
  • solar stewards
  • Solar United Neighbors
  • sunrun
  • United Methodist Women
  • Vote for solar energy

News release from the NAACP

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