The Seaside community collects supplies for our neighbors in Louisiana

SEASIDE, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – Seaside merchants began collecting supplies on Sunday to ship to those devastated by Hurricane Ida.

“We had sent a letter to our marine merchants and everyone quickly withdrew their funds and got a lot of stuff,” said Seaside Director of Guest and Merchant Services Kevin Boyle.

Everything from toilet paper, bug spray, roofing nails and tarpaulins. On Tuesday, supplies were loaded into a U-Haul, ready for delivery.

“We have a great relationship with our neighbors in Louisiana and the Merchants of Seaside feel it is very important to help in any way we can,” Boyle said.

The community brought so many supplies they could grab a U-Haul truck all the way to the top.

A family evacuated to Panama City will take everything to Houma, Louisiana in Terrebonne Parish.

“And just seeing the destruction taking place in my hometown touched my heart and I just knew I had to do something. And I knew they wouldn’t have the supplies there, but they would here,” said Haley Pellegrin of Louisiana.

Pellegrin says she got in touch with the Merchants of the Seaside through Facebook.

“Most houses have roof damage, so once I can get these supplies back, all the better before more rain hits the area. But they do have houses from my hometown of Gaines that were flattened, bulldozed,” Pellegrin said.

The stuff will be on its way on Thursday.

A U-Haul truck full of supplies and determined individuals is going to make a difference for many people in Louisiana this week.

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