The time-saving watertight solution you’ve been waiting for

E-Curbs consist of tough, molded forms that bond to the roof around virtually any penetration. This product works by creating a cavity, which is later filled with non-shrinking rubber sealant. The entire process creates a tight, unified bond that fully integrates with the penetration.

E-Curbs offer a simple installation process that can save your crew’s time and labor on the jobsite. The system consists of three essential components: E-Curb, weatherproof molded forms, M-1® Universal Sealant/Adhesive for bonding the forms to the roof, and 1-Part®a self-leveling, pourable sealant for filling the forms.

Why are E-Curbs beneficial?

Roof penetrations are the most common source of leaks. Solar panels are the perfect example of a penetration that could, in time, create an avenue for water. When using penetration seals such as pitch pans, rain caps and boots, the repeated cycle of heat, cold, moisture, ponding water and ultraviolet rays will degrade these seals. One of the primary benefits of the E-Curb product line is that it offers an economically friendly option that will withstand these elements and can last the roof’s lifespan. These products are made to turn the weakest part of the roof into the strongest.

In addition to preventing roof leaks, E-Curbs offer a quick and easy installation. These products are easy to install; there is no need to bring in a subcontractor to install them, resulting in cost savings and expediting project timelines. Once your crews are trained on the easy three-step process, installing each curb takes about 15 minutes. To make it even simpler, the curbs offer various size and shape options to fit any project needs.

E-Curbs for solar applications

It is important to ensure your solar rooftop is waterproofed correctly during installation. If water has the chance, it will infiltrate the roof and could cause significant damage down the road. E-Curbs are an excellent solution for solar panel applications and will help eliminate the need to replace penetration seals in the future. Because E-Curbs utilize reactive adhesives and sealants that form a tough elastomeric waterproofing seal, no flashing or mechanical attachments are required, leaving no room for water intrusion to occur.

The simple installation process will help your crews stay on track and complete projects within the designated timeline. With the easy installation, your crews can apply the curbs to the solar frames during their normal installation process, adding no more than fifteen minutes per curb and producing a tough and durable solar mounting.

E-Curbs are an excellent solution for solar roofing projects and will provide strong, long-lasting rooftop solar panels. The E-Curbs will not damage the roof and can prolong the initial roof investment when appropriately installed. So, by offering the proper training to your crews, you can speed up project timelines, save on subcontracting costs and provide a penetration seal that will not damage the current roof. So, why not take advantage of these nonintrusive products on your next solar project?

Check out the video to see the products in action!

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