Tidus Was Supposed To Be A Plumber In Final Fantasy X

According to a Famitsu interview, Tidus and Mario are said to have the same career.

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At first glance, you wouldn’t think Tidus and Mario, the handsome protagonist of Final Fantasy X, would have anything in common. One is a blond sports star whose father has somehow become a giant world ending monster, and the other is a mustachioed Italian plumber who is inexplicably in his mid-twenties.

Still, according to a recent Famitsu interview with members of the Final Fantasy X development team, it seems like they would be working in the same field. That’s right, Blitzball star Tidus is said to be a plumber.

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In that interview, FFX writer Kazushige Nojima explained that he would become an underwater plumber to come up with a reason for Tidus to be in the water – where the game’s main antagonist and Tidus’ monster father, Sin, lives. . fixes pipes. However, before Tidus started wearing a tool belt and growing a mustache of his own, producer Yoshinori Kitase had the idea that he would become an athlete. From there, the watersports Blitzball was conceived and Tidus’ plumbing ambitions were no more.

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It went so far that concept art of Tidus as a plumber was drawn up. Unfortunately, none of this art was featured in the Famitsu article, although Tetsuya Nomura – FFX’s character designer – did mention that Tidus’ overalls are likely a surviving reference to his original calling. After he became a Blitzball player, his design became “sportier”, but the overalls remained.

The Famitsu interview also includes other interesting tidbits about Final Fantasy X’s development, such as how Auron’s design came about, why the game focuses so much on water, and the possibility that a Final Fantasy X sequel could one day become a reality. is going to be.

To think that Tidus could have tried to fix leaky faucets and clogged toilets instead of being a Blitzball superstar is pretty amazing. It would certainly have changed important aspects of his character, as you have to imagine that a humble plumber would have a different outlook on life than a major sports celebrity. Who knows, maybe having a regular 9 to 5 job could have helped Tidus learn how to smile like a normal healthy person.

Source: Kotaku

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