Tile of Spain showcases Cersaie tile trends

Miami, Fla.-Spanish companies traveled to Italy last month to showcase their latest collections at Cersaie, the international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furniture. The annual event brings together architects, interior designers and tile manufacturers to explore the latest innovations and trends in the ceramic tile industry.

According to the organizers of the show, this year, 81 Spanish companies presented their latest ceramic offerings during the week-long fair. Here are the new trends, formats and technologies that Tile of Spain found at the show:

Polarized Marble

While white marbles still predominate, more compelling crystalline like Macchia Vecchia and others join those of Calacatta and Statuary. This new approach preserves the organic variation of a veined stone with an overall aesthetic that is more homogeneous with a symphony of texture, finish and effects.

Seductive Terrazzo

Keeping up with polarized marble is terrazzo, but with a wider range of degraded materials embedded in a largely monochromatic matrix. Working with marble, wood and traditional ceramics, these collections invite designers to add layers to their compositions while maintaining a cohesive feel.

golden arches

Art Deco influences can be found here in the form of arches and rounded corners. A nod to organic shapes while maintaining the straight grid lines of a tile matrix, these curves lend a sense of whimsy and approachability to even the most austere and luxurious aesthetic.

element of nature

The emergence of earth tones is expanding and includes all ranges of warm-inspired shades; from deep neutral brown to warm gray and off-white. Earth tones tip the scale towards the warm side, while accent colors continue to favor cooler greens and blues.

Modular format

Interchangeable programs with multiple formats lean towards the need to create flexible workspaces at times and define our limits at others. The modular format creates fuzzy lines that allow for a space to be reconfigured as needed for multiple use cases.

Fresh and clean

During this new era of ceramic design, a more delicate approach will parallel craft textures and organic materials. Smooth compositions, tranquil textures and minimalistic patterns create a sense of balance.

Celebrate ceramics

Now that digital technology has advanced to the point where multiple finishes, textures and volumes can be applied digitally, the industry is returning to some intriguing classics from centuries past. Ceramics that do not try to imitate anything accompanies all previous trends.

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