Top 3 benefits of obtaining an HVAC extended warranty for your home or commercial property

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Considering getting an extended warranty for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) installations? Is it really a worthy investment?

As an HVAC contractor or dealer, it can be difficult to decide whether providing extended warranties rather than short, free coverages is value for money. But if you rely on the manufacturer’s warranty or offer a short-term free service for HVAC installation only, you’re missing out on good business. At worst, you take risks.

That is because HVAC extended warranty comes with several benefits for home and commercial real estate HVAC contractors, including:

1. Limitation of your liability (costs) as a contractor

Providing cover for new installations out of pocket for a year can quickly eat up your work cash power, because you can’t predict how much you’ll spend on repairs. With confident options, you can rest assured that by the end of the financial year, your spending is likely to spiral out of control.

That’s because making unreimbursed trips to homes and commercial properties to deal with heating repairs or AC failures can be quite expensive.

To get rid of such uncertainties, you need an extended warranty.

An extended warranty covers service liability, among other things. Not only does it give you peace of mind, but it also saves you a lot of money on unplanned repairs.

2. Advertise and boost your brand reputation

Offering an extended warranty for new installations will do many wonders for your brand. First, it will grow your brand through advertising. Residential and commercial homeowners looking to outfit their new property will more than likely be looking for the best deal on the market.

Few will resist a deal where you can handle their HVAC breakdowns and repairs for a few years. In return, you build credibility and a positive reputation for your brand.

3. Extended HVAC Warranty Can Encourage Customer Return And Strengthen Loyalty

Getting the customer’s attention, bringing them to market and ultimately converting them is a challenging and usually costly process. So why do all that to get customers and then not keep them?

As an HVAC contractor, you want to offer a little more to set yourself apart from your competitors. If you want to keep your customers and even get referrals, the typical one-year warranty may not be enough to reduce it.

For example, if you offer a five-year extended warranty. The customer is all resolved even after the factory warranty has expired. You are the go-to contractor for that client and have built a trusting and loyal relationship. In addition, you will earn additional income from return purchases in the future.

Extended warranty for home or business premises and customer retention

As an HVAC contractor, there is nothing that should stop you from offering extended HVAC warranties. Manufacturer’s warranties may be long, but they only cover parts and not labor.

Your customers will appreciate the peace of mind that comes with an extended warranty and so will your business, as your customers will build a fruitful, long-term relationship with your company.

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