Tutors vs plumbers: which specialists offer their services more often

SberUslugi and SberInsurance analyzed the data on skilled workers registered on the SberUslugi platform and concluded that education specialists and craftsmen offer their services most often.

Almost a fifth (17%) of all specialists registered on SberUslugi work in education. Another 14% are handymen, who do electrical work, connect household appliances and carry out minor repairs, while artists, creators and freelancers (graphic designers, copywriters, translators) make up 13%. One in 10 specialists provides health and beauty services, IT, animal care or cleaning services.

The SberUslugi platform was launched in November 2020 and is currently under active development, attracting new contractors from all over Russia. In July alone, the number of self-employed persons registered on the service increased by 30% compared to June. Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kazan are the top three regions in terms of self-employment.

Both self-employed and legal entities offer services on SberUslugi. We see that self-employment is becoming increasingly popular among Russian citizens. Many choose to be their own employer or have a part-time job that provides an official income. According to the latest data from the Federal Tax Agency, the number of self-employed has passed 2.5 million and we are pleased that SberUslugi offers them the opportunity to officially provide services with an issued receipt and to seek out new clients.

Marina Alexandrovskaya

COO, SberUslugic

Many things are difficult to manage on your own, such as starting a new language, learning to drive a car, reinstalling the operating system on your computer, or connecting your washing machine to the water supply. SberUslugi helps you to solve these problems quickly and safely, especially since nowadays every professional can insure his liability towards the customer through SberInsurance. If something goes wrong, the company will cover the damage. This gives the customer an extra incentive to choose insured contractors.

Anton Sobe-Panek

Ecosystem Leader of the Wealth Management Unit, Sberbank

Professional liability insurance taken out by the handymen at SberUslugi protects the client’s interests should the contractor inadvertently cause damage to their property or health with substandard work, and covers the contractor’s legal costs if the client has complaints. Craftsmen can take out a one-year policy in the SberUslugi app. In the event of an insured event, SberInsurance will reimburse the injured client up to RUB 200,000.


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