TZOA Becomes HAVEN to Breathe New Life into HVAC Sector Enabling Any System to Deliver Clean Air On-Demand

Published: Oct 6 2021 at 06:00 CDT

Innovative air management solution uses the home’s existing HVAC system to automatically detect and remove harmful pollutants, creating a healthier, safer environment.

VANCOUVER, BC, Oct 6 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TZOA, pioneers of smart air quality technology for HVAC professionals and their homeowners, is PORT and announces the launch of the PORT Central Air Controller. Along with the bold new look and brand comes a whole new approach to air quality management. Combined with the existing HAVEN Central Air Monitor, the HAVEN controller builds an ecosystem that makes any HVAC system smarter and homes healthier by detecting harmful pollutants and automatically circulating fresh air in the home.


HVAC systems are mostly used for comfort to heat and cool the house. Recent environmental problems such as heat waves and wildfires, and health problems such as COVID-19, have raised awareness of the need for improved air quality (IAQ) and led to an increase in interest in room air purifiers. Compared to other products that are loud, inefficient and take up a lot of space, HAVEN’s air cleaning solution automatically manages the entire home using existing central HVAC systems to better address these issues.

Introduced in 2020, the HAVEN Central Air Monitor is different from other IAQ devices in that it is the only system mounted directly in the duct where it can monitor air pollutants throughout the home. It combines the diagnostic power of miniaturized research-grade particle detection lasers and chemical sensors to detect levels of airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, pet dander, odors and degassing materials. The addition of the HAVEN Central Air Controller allows the HAVEN system to automatically control, act and respond to an HVAC system and associated equipment by optimizing filtration, ventilation or humidity levels on demand.

“Today, more than ever, it is essential that your home is safe, healthy and free of pollutants that can harm your family,” he explains. Kevin Hart, CEO and founder of HAVEN. “Our new name, look and feel reflect our fresh approach to air quality management, and we look forward to seeing it in millions of homes. North America.”

Controlling the elements of air quality

Air circulation in the home is the most important factor in improving air quality. The HAVEN ecosystem is the first to monitor airflow and regulate filtration, ventilation and humidity, the three crucial pillars that enable air movement. Without this circulation, stagnant air causes an accumulation of hyperlocal air pollution, often known as Sick Building Syndrome.

Connected to specific terminals of the HVAC system, the HAVEN controller works in harmony with the monitor to intelligently automate HVAC equipment when needed and save energy when not needed. Homeowners can set up a circulation schedule to disperse and sample the air, activating equipment when an air quality problem is identified: for example, activating filtration when cooking particles are detected, or turning on ventilation for high VOCs.

Environmental information is delivered to homeowners through the HAVEN IAQ app and to HVAC professionals through the HAVEN Pro web portal. The web portal allows HVAC professionals to monitor air quality for multiple customers within a single dashboard. Perfect for service maintenance contracts, it provides individually tailored reports and ongoing customer contact to foster trust and a long-term relationship.

The HAVEN ecosystem is now available through HVAC contractors in the US and Canada. HAVEN products are supplied by some of the largest HVAC distributors including Goodman, Amana & Daikin, Steven’s Equipment Supply, East Coast Metals, Crescent Parts & Equipment, TruTech Tools.


HAVEN is the first smart, whole-home air quality solution installed directly into a homeowner’s existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. HAVEN technology has been tested by third-party labs such as LMS Technologies Minneapolis, the University of Utah, and the US EPA.

HAVEN (formerly known as TZOA) was founded in 2013 in Vancouver, British Colombia by former electrician of the trip, Kevin R. Hart, through a desire to make healthier air more accessible to North Americans. The company has since scaled up to 25 employees from its downtown headquarters Vancouver.

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