U.S. Virgin Islands solar project ruined by hurricane to be replaced using stronger design

Enertis Applus+ has announced it is consulting BMR Energy on Donoe Solar, a 6.4 MW project in the US Virgin Islands. The facility is expected to be completed and commissioned in the fourth quarter of this year and will sell the generated power to the Virgin Island Power and Water Authority (VIWAPA) under a newly negotiated 25-year Power Purchase Agreement.

The facility will be built on the site of a former solar facility that suffered significant damage during the devastating 2017 hurricane season. BMR agreed to acquire the site of the original solar farm in 2019, closing that purchase in the summer of 2020. The new facility incorporates several design and construction features to increase the strength and resilience of the equipment to withstand future wind storms.

The project is designed with reinforced scaffolding, foundations and module connection systems to withstand wind speeds of up to 180 mph.

“After Hurricane Irma destroyed the plant nearly four years ago, our team was eager to fully understand the failures of the previous design and installation and build it back stronger,” said Bruce Levy, CEO of BMR Energy. “We considered design recommendations from industry experts and conducted wind tunnel testing on all systems and equipment. This resilient design will allow the facility to provide reliable, clean energy to the local community for decades to come.”

News item from Enertis Applus+

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