Välinge licensee to build Woodura flooring factory

Sweden – Owned by Välinge majority shareholder, Pervanovo Invest AB, Bjelin began construction of what the company claims is the world’s largest wood flooring factory in Ogulin, Croatia. It is intended for the production of floors with Woodura surface technology under license from Välinge Innovation.

“I am very pleased that after 10 years of hard and very costly development work, we are finally ready to significantly scale up our powder-based production to introduce a new generation of wood floors that are more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly – in the same way the three-layer parquet was back then. it was invented and introduced in 1945 by the Swedish companies Kährs and Tarkett, ”said Darko Pervan, CEO of Pervanovo Invest. “The positive response from the market gives us the confidence to make a major investment in production in Croatia, where we have high quality oak and skilled workers.”

Woodura technology was developed by Välinge during an intensive R&D period that started in 2009–2010. Välinge Flooring – a proprietary flooring collection with Woodura – was launched in the US in 2020 and Asia in 2021. Bjelin’s new mega factory in Croatia will increase floor production and availability, and will also enable Välinge to assist its partners and licensees are developing their own Woodura-based products, the company said.

“We are pleased that Bjelin is taking this step towards large-scale production of floors with Woodura technology under a license from Välinge,” said Niclas Håkansson, CEO of Välinge. “Several factors prove that the concept is ready for this massive expansion – our production in Viken; market feedback from our sales and the success of both Bjelin and our partners with the products so far. When the Bjelin factory is ready, capacity will be released at Välinge to enable our flooring partners to market their own Woodura-based products. They are given the opportunity to step into this new and innovative floor category from day one without any production investment. Then if they decide to invest in their own capacity, we’ll be there to support them with factory specifications and start-up training – it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. “

The new factory, called “Ogulin 2”, is being built by Bjelin close to the existing parquet factory “Ogulin 1”. Construction of the plant started in 2020 and the first phase should be operational in 2023 and all phases will be built and operational by 2027.

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