Wayne and Holmes marriages, dissolutions, divorces

Marriage permits

Wayne County

Nathan A. Gerber, 30, 1033 N. Elm St., Apt. G, Orrville, HVAC Technology and Danielle N. Benis, 34, 1033 N. Elm St., Apt. G, Orrville, CPHT.

Matthew D. Chupp, 42, 427 McDonald St., Wooster, operator, and Tara M. Figura, 32, 427 McDonald St., Wooster, nail technician.

Kevin H. Browning, 58, 1119 Summerset Drive, Wooster, technician, and Deborah D. Craver, 51, 1119 Summerset Drive, Wooster, regional business coordinator.

Michael J. Doerksen Braun, 27, 1024 Diefenhacher St., PO Box 66, Hawkesville, Ontario, Agriculture, and Sarah L. Geiser, 28, 5230 Kidron Road, Apt. B, Apple Creek, Church Relations Officer.

Michael R. Giola, 49, 10860 Coal Bank Road, Marshallville, technician, and Kelley J. Tober, 47, 10860 Coal Bank Road, Marshallville, RN.

William J. Regula, 33, 3798 Dornoch Drive, Wooster, financial systems coordinator, and Rachel M. Gresko, 29, 3798 Dornoch Drive, Wooster, pharmacist.

Marcus R. Wengerd, 21, 9779 Hackett Road, Apple Creek, metalworker, and Mary N. Miller, 19, 5707 Criswell Road, Apple Creek, homemaker.

Michael N. Miller, 21, 5707 Criswell Road, Apple Creek, laser operator, and Rhoda O. Wengerd, 21, 4207 Buss Road, Wooster, homemaker.

Ryan K. Wells, 29, 8455 Columbus Road, Shreve, firefighter, and Ashlee L. Baumgartner, 23, 8455 Columbus Road, Shreve, behavior management specialist.

Tyler J. Shipka, 22, 3590 Eastern Road, Norton, shift manager, and Molly E. Kent, 24, 525 Sandpiper Lane, Apt. 312, Wadsworth, cake decorator.

John J. Miller III, 22, 14259 Bellridge Road, Navarre, construction, and Iva D. Troyer, 20, 13155 Saltcreek Road, Fredericksburg, homemaker.

Nelson I. Yoder, 21, 10191 Saltcreek Road, Woodworking, and Verba A. Yoder, 20, 15096 Hackett Road, Apple Creek.

Rusty W. Lengacher, 32, 3100 E. Hutton Road, Wooster, warranty writer, and Dustie L. Brumfield, 32, 3100 E. Hutton Road, Wooster, vet tech.

Daniel R. Eierman, 23, 9860 Mentor Road, Chardon, customer success specialist, and Myah C. Schaefer, 22, 14842 Burbank Road, Burbank, graduate student.

Jacob M. Bergoon, 24, 886 Woods Edge Court, Wooster, dispatch/receipt, and Madelynne C. Firebaugh, 21, 7135 Lakeside Drive, Shreve, planner/planner.

Todd M. Ramsier, 23, 14944 Decoursey St., Rittman, project manager, and Kelly J. Hess, 23, 10755 Frick Road, Sterling, director of operations.

Matthew T. Wolf, 24, 1855 Mechnicsburg Road, Apt. K2, Wooster, HVAC manufacturer, and Katelyn M. Harper, 24, 1855 Mechanicsburg Road, Apt. K2, Wooster, unemployed.

Robert J. Hankins, 35, 714 Columbus Ave., Akron, N/A, and Macaila N. Wilson, 26, 2104 E. Lincoln Way, Unit B, Wooster, N/A

David K. Lankitus, 24, 5793 Cleveland Road, Wooster, graduate student, and Abbie N. Burnett, 25, 5793 Cleveland Road, Wooster, communications specialist.

Michael A. Nisley, 20, 2100 Dunham Lane, Fredericksburg, Concrete, and Ann E. Schlabach, 21, 3845 Graber Road, Fredericksburg, N/A

Nicholas J. Roush, 24, 1507 Brentwood Drive, Wooster, accountant, and Campbell A. Alexis, 23, 1507 Brentwood Drive, Wooster, designer.


Dalia Vega, 1117 Townsview Place, Wooster, and Nestor Vega, El Salvador. They got married in 2007.

Randall L. Johnson, 53 Melody Lane, Apple Creek, and Sharon J. Flinn-Johnson, 2838 Melrose Drive, Wooster. They got married in 2006.


Kimberley A. Bolen, 584 E. Smithville Western Road, Wooster, and Gary R. Bolen, 1578 Woodcrest Drive, Wooster. They got married in 2007.

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