What Pimlico Plumbers’ Charlie Mullins plans if he becomes London Mayor including axing congestion charge

Charlie Mullins (Pimlico Plumbers)

Charlie Mullins (Pimlico Plumbers)

Pimlico Plumbers founder Charlie Mullins has revealed that he will “doubtless” run to London mayor at the next elections.

In an exclusive interview with the Evening Standard, the self-made millionaire said his main motivation is to help young people “build a solid future from school level”.

Mr Mullins, who left school without qualifications at the age of 15, plans to internships get school leavers off the street and into work.

He said he would also scrap bike lanes and the congestion charge altogether as more drivers use electric and low-emission vehicles.

Having built a thriving business after an apprenticeship as a plumber at Raynes Park, he said he hopes to attract more people to the capital and make it flourish again.

“We need someone to stand up for Londoners,” said Mr Mullins.

“I was born in London, I live in London, I work in London and I think I certainly understand the city.

“I would like to have a system where all pupils and under 18s can travel freely in London as I think that would encourage many of them to go to work.”

Charlie Mullins (PA)

Charlie Mullins (PA)

Mr Mullins on Monday sold Pimlico Plumbers, which he founded in 1979, in a deal worth up to £145 million.

refocus his efforts, he plans to support new artists in the music industry and is likely to run as an independent candidate in the London mayoral elections in 2024.

“Now that the business is in good hands, I can focus somewhere else where I can do good and give back,” he said.

The entrepreneur talked about his vision to introduce a scheme to support school leavers in finding a job, a university education or an internship.

In this way he wants to tackle youth unemployment, skills shortages and crime.

“Youth unemployment would be over and London would be a big city again,” he said.

“We’ve been busy before, we’ve created a lot of work in the past and with just a few changes we can get the place thriving again. It’s about getting people to work.”



Mr Mullins, who grew up in Elephant and Castle and now lives on the Embankment, also discussed his reasons for wanting to remove cycle paths and the congestion charge.

He said shops are “closing left, right and centre” and businesses are “going down” because people cannot afford to travel to London.

“For me, the biggest changes are getting young people into work and getting rid of bike lanes, emissions costs and the congestion charge,” he says.

“I’m doing this because before all this came into play, London was booming. Everyone went to work and everyone wanted to work.

“We have a lack of traders, a lack of people working in the hospitality industry and the people are gone because they are not encouraged by school.”

He added: “I wouldn’t be where I am today without an internship. I got that chance and I want to help other people too.”

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