Why Christina from HGTV is important to you

So I meet this Christina from HGTV for an early dinner. The start is like the first of a 12-round boxing match. A pinch here, a dink and dunk there. We feel each other. She in her sunglasses, I ask questions as meaningless as “Pfizer or Moderna?”

Then the New Yorker in me comes out. “OK. Full disclosure: No disrespect, but I don’t watch HGTV and really don’t know anything about you. Tell me about yourself; why are you launching a floor line; why will it work?” It’s round 2. The velvet gloves are off.

She takes off her sunglasses, smiles and says, “It’s okay you don’t know me. I will start at the beginning.” Call me crazy, but at the time I felt like I was talking to a real person. She starts telling me how when she got married eight years ago, she was broke. She would share a Subway sandwich with her husband for dinner. I realized she wasn’t this attractive, privileged, SoCal TV personality. She was you and me. We’ve all experienced it.

She told me how she pitched a TV show on HGTV about redecorating houses. Most people thought she was crazy. Apparently HGTV was just as crazy because they bite. Christina’s role was to refresh the houses for a quick resale. Here she learned that she had design skills. More importantly, she had this innate desire to help families and provide solutions at an affordable price. She kept talking about design and performance. Family. Solutions. Affordable. I started to see that she was real.

Somehow we started talking about a much less interesting topic: me. She said she was told about FCNews, its value, how it could help her, how it was the best industry paper, how great I was, yada yada. I told her how great my professional life was, my personal life was as much as*%t showing. She looked at me with a big smile and burst out, “Me too!” And then I was sure she was real.

She started talking about her kids who were always spilling something on her floor, her Rottweiler who would use her floor as a bathroom, and how she needed a floor that could withstand all these accidents. I realized that not only was she real, a designer and TV personality, but that she was the customer who walks into your store every day.

She had learned about waterproof floors (SPC/rigid) through her TV shows and realized it was the right solution for families like hers and your clients. She told me she always wanted to have a branded line, but waited until she found products that met her design standards. The Christina collection it is. There are 21 SKUs that she hand-picked, some of the best styling you’ll find in an SPC line.

Here’s why this is important to you: We were talking about her reach and she really didn’t have a specific number off her mind. But she posted something on Instagram right in front of me and within 10 minutes she had over 300,000 views. On Instagram she talks about the Christina Collection. She will also talk about it in her shows, including the flip-flop that attracts 20 million viewers annually. And then I knew she was able to build this brand more effectively than any manufacturer (without spending hundreds of millions of dollars). Think Pergo. Think Stain Master.

Months after we met, I still don’t watch the flip-flop show. I still don’t know the tabloid press. I still don’t care. Let me tell you what I do know: HGTV’s Christina of the many surnames has come up with a designer SPC line that will be more known to your target audience than most other lines. And then I knew it was a home run.

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