Why you need a PIRB registered plumber when renovating

Imagine transforming your entertainment area into the ultimate relaxation zone with a water feature that mimics the soothing sound of a babbling brook in the woods. Then, recline in a comfortable chair and lift your feet on an ottoman as the stress of the day drains from your muscles. Sounds heavenly.

If you’re planning to upgrade your entertainment area, contact a Plumbing Industry Plumber (PIRB) plumber to ensure your restful entertainment area doesn’t turn into a disastrous swamp.

PIRB registered plumbers have the experience and skills to ensure your plumbing requirements are carried out efficiently and professionally.

Ever heard of PIRB? Here’s what you need to know.

PIRB is a trusted professional body that regulates the plumbing industry. It is important to note that PIRB is recognized by the South African Qualifications Authority. The main role of PIRB is to monitor the competence level of the sanitary industry. Want to know more? Read here.

Let’s talk to our plumbing expert, Richard Bailie

Richard Bailie

Richard Bailie has been actively involved in the plumbing industry for many years. He has witnessed many success stories of happy homeowners renovating their entertainment areas with a PIRB registered plumber. On the other hand, he has also seen many plumbing nightmares after taking shortcuts with unregistered plumbers to save a few bucks.

Let’s ask Richard a few questions. If you have another question, comment on this article and we’ll make sure it gets to Richard.

What is a PIRB Certificate of Conformity and when is it issued?

A PIRB Certificate of Conformity (“CoC”) is a written statement certifying that the plumbing work performed meets the required standards expected from qualified and registered plumbers. It guarantees the consumer that the plumbing is in accordance with all sanitary laws and regulations in South Africa.

As a homeowner, you should insist on a Certificate of Conformity when a plumber does work on your property. While it is only required by law for PIRB registered plumbers to issue a PIRB Certificate of Conformity for work on a geyser, solar water heater or heat pump, it is good practice for plumbers to also issue a Certificate of Conformity for any other plumbing work done. So be sure to insist on a PIRB Certificate of Conformity when you hire a plumber.

Before you hire a plumber, make sure he can personally provide you with a PIRB Certificate of Conformity. Any plumber who hints that he will get “a certificate” for you is most likely unregistered and you are headed for a plumbing disaster.

How can I check if a plumber is registered with the PIRB?

PIRB maintains a detailed up-to-date register of all plumbers registered with PIRB. So if you are unsure whether a plumber is registered, you can contact PIRB directly to confirm. The contact details are at the end of this article.

How is the integrity of the plumbing industry kept intact?

PIRB has appointed officers to conduct spot checks on plumbing work performed by its members. This ensures that PIRB registered plumbers are held accountable and the industry standard remains uncompromised.

In the unlikely event that a PIRB registered plumber performs substandard work, a consumer can file a complaint with PIRB, who will handle the matter further.

To make sure that your renovated entertainment area will give you as much pleasure as expected, ask for a professional PIRB registered plumber and a PIRB Certificate of Conformity (CoC) today when you begin your renovation journey.

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